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Darkrai has the catch rate of maybe the lake pokemon( Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit) seperate.

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Q: What is the catch rate of Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum?
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What is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon's catch rate can range from 3 (hardest to catch) to 255 (easiest to catch). Hardest to catch (catch rate = 3): - Uxie - Mesprit - Azelf - Heatran - Regigigas - Giratina - Cresselia - Manaphy - Darkrai - Arceus Easier to catch (catch rate = 30): - Dialga (& Palkia) Easiest Sinnoh legendary to catch (catch rate = 45): - Shaymin

What is the Pokemon platinum code to have 100 percent catch rate?

9224a948 00002801 1224a948 00004280 d2000000 00000000

Can i catch Darkrai with ultra balls?

Darkrai can be caught in any kind of Poke Ball, but Ultra Ball has 4x the catch rate by itself, which is pretty high.

What legendary Pokemon should you catch with a masterball in Pokemon Platinum besides Arceus?

DO NOT catch dialga and palkia with the master ball, because they have the no.30 catch rate, meaning they have the easiest catch rate in all of the legendaries. Here are the following Pokemon you should catch with in Pokemon platinum: Regigigas (lvl1) Regice (lvl30) only obtainable after transferring regigigas to platinum Regirock (lvl30) same thing with the other regis Registeel (lvl30) same thing. The 3 legendary birds, articuno, moltres and zapdos. (lvl60) Talk to prof oak for info. Heatran (lvl50) The legendary trio mesprit,(who will run away) azelf and uxie (lvl50) Giratina (lvl47) Cresselia: (she will also run away) (lvl50) EVENT POKEMON: You can only find these Pokemon's using R4, action replay or the event that came in the Toys R Us thing. Shaymin (lvl 30) Darkrai (lvl40) Arceus (lvl80) HOPE THIS HELPED!!

How do you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Platinum?

You can catch a Rayquaza by migrating it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to the Pal Park with 100% catch rate. But the only other ways are to trade for it or use a cheating device such as an Action Replay.

What is the catch rate of Articuno Moltres and Zapdos in Platinum?

The catch rate for the three legendary birds is 3 in all of the games, including Platinum.

What is the action replay code catch wild Pokemon without fail for Pokemon platinum?

100% Catch Rate [randomly press buttons continuously after you throw the ball] 9224A948 00002801 1224A948 00004280 :) Enjoy

Where do you find a wooper in pokemon platinum?

In the Pastoria City Great Marsh, and on Route 212. The catch rate is 225, so that's good.

When I try to use the 100 percent catch rate code in Pokemon platinum it doesn't work can anyone help?

You MUST have action replay

What are the Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

The legendary Pokemon on Diamond is: Dialga, at a catch rate of 30(don't use your Masterball on it! Otherwise, if you've done the Arecus event, you'll have a horrible time with it.) Darkrai, with a catch rate of 3 Uxie,Mespirit, and Azelf, all with a catch rate of 3 Girintina, with a catch rate of 3 Heatran, with a catch rate of 3 Regigigas, with a catch rate of 3 Creselia, after you beat the game,go to Canlave, and go sailing with the guy in the boat,and it does the exct same thing like Mespirit, with a catch rate of 3 Manaphy, which can be only obtaied in a special event as an egg Phioine, can be obtained by breeding Manaphy Arecus, can be obtained in a special,once a year event, with a catch rate of 3(Note: It can change types, depending on the plate it's holding) Shamyin, at a catch rate of 45(do not use the Masterball!)

How do you catch a Darkrai in Pokemon platinum without cheating?

You need mystery gift. Go to a Pokemon mart. Obtain a members pass from the green mailman. Go to the city with the ship that takes you to iron island. Go into the house that won't open(it won't open unless you have the pass). A mysterious guy will take you inside and hypnotise you to sleep. You will wake up at new moon island where darkrai is. It is level 40 and only has a 3% catch rate so it is hard to catch. Enjoy and email me if you have any problems. Here's the I accept any emails except for mean complaints.

Is a Pokemon with a 255 catch rate rare or common?

Well it depends. A Pokemon with a higher catch rate means its easyer to catch. Rare Pokemon usally has a low catch rate. Go check serribi pokedex to check catch rate. Hope it helps!!