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nentendo event sorry but i dont think its out anymore but i have darkrai

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Q: How do you get Darkrai on Pokemon platinum without a cheat code?
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What is the best Pokemon you can get in platinum without cheating?

it is darkrai or garatina but i do have arceus but you have to cheat to do it hope it helped on i have no idea

How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum version without cheats?

You needed a Nintendo Event to get an item to trigger an event to catch him, but this is unlikely to return.

What is the cheat to get Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?

Go to where Cressellia is, activate the walk through anything and head left when you get to New Moon Island go to the middle and there's Darkrai.

How do you get arceus in Pokemon platinum without Pokemon events?

Either cheat for it or trade with a friend.

How do you find Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?

you have to use the action replay cheat "walk on water" and walk on water to the right from quarter moon island.

How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon soul silver?

Darkrai can only be found in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, via an event or Pokemon Ranger, so unless you use a cheat code, the only way you can get it is to trade it from one of those from dppt other than this there is no other wayyou get darkrai in a event, or an action replay

Cheat codes to get Dialga Palkia and Darkrai on Pokemon platinum?

You get both dialga and palkia when you get their respective orbs which can be found in Mt.Coronet. However, you need to get a member card from a Nintendo event or action replay to get darkrai

How do you catch Celebi in Pokemon Platinum without cheating?

trade it from someone who did cheat that way you didn't cheat

Are there cheat codes for pokemon platinum and black without action replay?

Sadly, no.

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokemon platinum without action replay?

You don't

Can you catch Ho-oh on Pokemon Platinum without beating the Pokemon League?

You can with the action replay Pokemon modifier cheat.

How can you cheat on Pokemon Platinum without action replay?

You can cheat on Pokèmon by play either Pokèmon Pearl or Pokèmon Diamond, then you'd be cheating on Pokèmon Platinum =)