Soul silver 100 catch rate cheat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends. If you are using an Action Replay DS or DSi, then the code should be loaded. if not, go onto codejunkies. And if you are not using an ARDS or ARDSi, I don't think there is one.

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Q: Soul silver 100 catch rate cheat?
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Can you catch a Pikachu in safari zone in Soul Silver?

No but you can catch it in Viridian Forest at a 6% catch rate. Good luck

Is Groudon easy to catch in pokemon soul silver?

Well, it has the Catch Rate of 5. So it's pretty hard.

Where can you catch a pickachu in soul silver without the pokewalker?

Viridian Forest (Morning & Day 6% encounter rate; Night 5% encounter rate)

Can you catch Snorlax with pokeball in soul silver?

Yes, you can, but the success rate is very low, since the Snorlax is on Level 50.

What ball do you use to catch Suicune in Soul Silver?

Net Balls are highly recommended, since they have a high catch rate on Bug or Water Types. I caught mine with a Heal Ball, though I was extremely lucky since Balls with a 1.0 cath rate have a 0.5 catch rate if used against legendaries...

Can you rate my Soul Silver Pokemon Team?

no, only if you show me what they are.

Can you please rate my soul silver party?

I don't know what you're party is but here's mine: Lv. 98 Typhlosion Lv. 95 Snorlax Lv. 100 Tyranitar Lv. 96 Noctowl Lv. 98 Red Gyrados Lv. 100 Mewtwo The Mewtwo is NOT a cheat you can catch it at lv. 70.

What is the 100 percent catch rate ar cheat code for platinum?

100% catch rate for platinum: 12060B90 0000E00A 12060BF6 0000E001 12060C94 0000E008 Welcome....:)

Where can you find riolu on soul silver?

In the Safari Zone(Encounter Rate is rare)

What poke ball do you use to catch Pikachu in soul silver?

Pikachu has an easy capture rate. A Quick Ball, or a Dusk Ball at night, should be able to catch it straight away. If not, knock a few HP off and throw a few regular balls.

Can you get master balls with out AR?

yes but you can also you can have 100% catch rate with another cheat p.s haxman666

Can you please help me can you rate my Pokemon soul silver team?

what's you're team and someone will rate based on opinon, OR add up all the lv.s and your answer will be it's rate!! :)