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The only pokémon with a catch rate of 100 are Kadabra and Spiritomb.

The highest catch rate is 255, the lowest 3.

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Q: Pokemon diamond 100 percent catch rate?
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What is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon's catch rate can range from 3 (hardest to catch) to 255 (easiest to catch). Hardest to catch (catch rate = 3): - Uxie - Mesprit - Azelf - Heatran - Regigigas - Giratina - Cresselia - Manaphy - Darkrai - Arceus Easier to catch (catch rate = 30): - Dialga (& Palkia) Easiest Sinnoh legendary to catch (catch rate = 45): - Shaymin

Gameshark Pokemon crystal 100 percent catch rate?

Sorry. No answer for you, bro.

How do you use the 100 percent catch rate in Pokemon diamond?

You don't need to do anything. Just enter the code. When you throw any kind of Poke Ball, it will be like a Master Ball, even if the Pokemon is at full health.

How do you get ice of Reggie on Pokemon diamond?

TO get the regis migrate the one you want with 5 other Pokemon to diamond (get the regis in Pokemon R/S/E) and go to pal park Go catch them with GS like balls with a catch rate the same as a master ball O_O

In Pokemon pearl are you allowed to use a Pokemon in an official tournament that you used ar cheats to get 100 percent catch rate?


What are the Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

The legendary Pokemon on Diamond is: Dialga, at a catch rate of 30(don't use your Masterball on it! Otherwise, if you've done the Arecus event, you'll have a horrible time with it.) Darkrai, with a catch rate of 3 Uxie,Mespirit, and Azelf, all with a catch rate of 3 Girintina, with a catch rate of 3 Heatran, with a catch rate of 3 Regigigas, with a catch rate of 3 Creselia, after you beat the game,go to Canlave, and go sailing with the guy in the boat,and it does the exct same thing like Mespirit, with a catch rate of 3 Manaphy, which can be only obtaied in a special event as an egg Phioine, can be obtained by breeding Manaphy Arecus, can be obtained in a special,once a year event, with a catch rate of 3(Note: It can change types, depending on the plate it's holding) Shamyin, at a catch rate of 45(do not use the Masterball!)

Is there an action replay code for 100 percent catch rate on Pokemon emerald?

No. But u can use a code for masterballs

What is the Pokemon platinum code to have 100 percent catch rate?

9224a948 00002801 1224a948 00004280 d2000000 00000000

Your rate my Pokemon Diamond?

i no get it

Is a Pokemon with a 255 catch rate rare or common?

Well it depends. A Pokemon with a higher catch rate means its easyer to catch. Rare Pokemon usally has a low catch rate. Go check serribi pokedex to check catch rate. Hope it helps!!

What does the park ball do in Pokemon Diamond?

It Recatches Pokémon sent through Pal Park that you have migrated over. The catch rate is 255x

What is the 100 percent catch rate action replay code for Pokemon Pearl?

Every Pokeball 100% Catch Rate 5223c00c 4a7d497c 1223c024 0000e005 1223c032 00002001 0223c034 38010400 d2000000 00000000