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That depends if the parents allow the child to play them. So do you allow a 9 year old child play a teen rated game?

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Q: Should a 9 year old play a teen rated game?
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Should you be 9 to play sims medieval computer game?

The game is rated teen. it mostly depends on your parents if they our tolerant of it go ahead. but the game is rated teen for a reason, because of the crude humor, sexual themes,Alcohol and violence. Parents: in this game you could cheat be a drunk bloodthirsty ect... if you have a younger child that would like to play this then 1) you should check up on them. 2) watch them as they play 3) have conversations about it.

What is the best teen rated game?

There really is no "best" teen rated game because everyone has their own opinions on what is a good or bad game. In one opinion, Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii is the best teen rated game.

What will the rating for brink the game be do you think an 11 year old can play it if you dont know what it is go to

The game will be rated Teen, for teens. Meaning since you are 11 you should be fine to play it. Although I think it should be rated Mature, I'm guessing the people who designed and created Brink wanted a wider audience for already an amazing game. Source:

Is call of duty 3 appropriate for 14 year olds?

Yes! The game is rated T for Teen. A 14 year old can play it because he is a teen.

What is jaws the video game rated?

It is rated T for teen.

Why is Eragon the game rated Teen?


What is game Batman rated?

T for Teen

What is mag game going to be rated?

ESRB has rated it 'T' for TEEN.

Is there a Sim game that is rated e?

=no i dont think so it is just rated teen=

What is eminems favorite video game rated?

T for teen

What Is Beavis And Butthead Rated?

it was rated tv 14 but the game was teen and the gameboy version is rated E 10

Why do you have to be a teen to play World of Warcraft?

The game is rated T for Teen due to blood and violence, alcohol, and suggestive themes. By no means do you have to be a teen to play World of Warcraft; however, being ridiculed by people because you're too young/old is only natural in an anonymous chat system.