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Yes, the ds version.

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Q: Is there a black ops game rated t for teen?
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What is the rating of Call of Duty Black Ops for the DS?

he game is rated T for Teen

Will black ops be rated teen?

No. M.

What is COD black ops rated on DS?

rated t for teen

Is cod black ops rated 18?

depends where and on what game Nintendo DS is teen Australia is 15+, but most are 17 or higher because it is an adult game

Can you turn Call of Duty Black Ops into a 15?

No The Nintendo DS is Black Ops is Teen and rated an even lower age than 15. You do not change the games rating by making changes at the options menu even if it removes the content that made the game rated M or Mature. The rating and the game are still rated M

What is black ops 2 multiplayer rated?

It is rated Teen for multiplayer. I let my kids play, but no campaign for them. Hope this helped :)

What is the best m rated video game?

Black ops

Is black ops rated t?

Good game kid friendly

What is Call of Duty black ops rated?

The game is rated M mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language for most platforms / The Nintendo DS Call of Duty Black Ops is rated T for Teen. But on an xbox or ps3 system, if you turn off the blood, gore, and language it does not change the rating of the game and should not be considered to change the game to a lower rating. It also does not lower the level of intense violence. It is a myth created by younger players that it becomes a teen rated game. An 18 The game's rating is also 9.5 for the Gamestop rating for PS3 and Xbox 360 systems and the PC rating is much lower.

What is Call of Duty black ops be for pspgo rated for?

The Call of Duty Black Ops video game was not released for the PSP or PSP Go

Black ops is ok to play if you are younger than seventeen?

yes i think it is all right if your younger than seventeen to play black ops but it still has a lot of blood and gore however i think black ops should be rated ''t'' for teen

What bad words are on black ops for Nintendo ds?

Nintendo DS is only rated teen and does not have the Strong language the other editions do.