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NO IT SHOULDN'T! Panfu is my fav game.... (online) Club Penguin is nothing like panfu! If u think pandas and penguins are the same thing... You need to see a doc.

Me so sorry, sound like you know more than I about this animal games.

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Q: Should Panfu be sue for copying Club penguin?
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Can you find a fun online chatting game like panfu or club penguin but beter?

club penguinneopetsbuild a bear villepanfu

Are there any other websites like club penguin?

Yes, a lot of them actually. There is Panfu, Bearville, Moshi Monsters.

Somethink like Club Penguin but not Club Penguin?

Bin weevils, panfu, barbiegirls(it counts!!), imvu,zwinky and gaia (but this site is a little dodgy)yeah, bin weevils, Panfu (which are mini virtual pandas! lol!) you could use gaia and imvu and zwinky but you have to download zwinky to be able to play it! xx

Did Club Penguin copy panfu?

Panfu is a copy cat game. You can't even say "Club Penguin" on there. Club Penguin is copyrighted,too. There are these animals you buy called "Bollys" that are JUST like puffles. There are PINS too!Every 30 mins. or so Panfu will say you played for 30 mins. It will then show a panda doing jumping jacks and squats. There is an ignore button if a panda annoys you and when you click the ignore button the panda will become invisible. That happens on Club Penguin but you cannot see the penguin talking or using emotes. There are moderators, too.Here are some other things alike on Panfu:postcardsemotesdancingsittingcoinsplayer cardadd or remove friendvisit friend's housefind where your friend isreport a playerwear clothesbuy clotheslock and unlock houseThe Player cards are the samethe puffle\bolly player cards are the samesanfran panfu is the plazathe town is the citythey have a lighthouse and a beachthey have find fourThe sports field is Soccer Pitch\Ice RinkThey have a poolthey have a night clubthey have a volcanothey have quests which are missionsFish'n' Fish is ice fishing which has boots barrels (knock off yr fish) electric eels(jellyfish) Sharks but no crabsthey even have a helper pandas thing where you have to take a quiz to become a Helper panda a.k.a Tour Guide

How do you play Club Penguin at school?

You shouldn't be playing Club Penguin at school, but you should be doing your work in school.

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Should Panfu be sued for copying Club penguin?

they haven't copied club penguin.

Is panfu copying Club Penguin?

a little bit

Who wants to sue Panfu for copying Club penguin?


When did panfu copy Club Penguin?

Club Penguin came out in 2005 while Panfu came out 2 years later in 2007. Panfu copied Club Penguin.

Are club penguin and panfu enemies?

Club Penguin and Panfu are not really enemies but they have similar things as each other. Club Penguin though does have a couple of things better than Panfu does.

Did clubpenguin copy Panfu or vice-versa?

panfu didn't copy club penguin, but club penguin didn't copy panfu either.

Why do you hate panfu?

It's dumb. They copied Club Penguin. They took puffles and turned them into ugly duck pets called bollys. In Club Penguin puffles only cost 800 coins and in panfu they cost 2500! SO overpriced! Club Penguin should sue panfu! Club Penguin has lots of cool parties and what does panfu have? NO parties! So whoever started playing panfu chose the WRONG game to play!

Does anyone have codes for barbie girls panfu or club penguin?

you have codes for girls for club penguin

Are there anymore websites like Club Penguin?

there is panfu

What game is best to join as a member is it club penguin moshi monsters panfu poptropica star doll or binweevils?

Well I have all of these accounts and the only ones I play on now are panfu and club penguin but they are way better when you are a member if I were you I would make a club penguin or panfu or both.

Is the creator of Panfu the same creator as clubpenguin?

No, cause in club penguin there is penguins and in panfu pandas.

What was the old panfu game called?

it was called club penguin