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club penguinneopetsbuild a bear villepanfu

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Q: Can you find a fun online chatting game like panfu or club penguin but beter?
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What are fun chatting games online?

woozworld,animal jam,panfu,and fantage

When did panfu copy Club Penguin?

Club Penguin came out in 2005 while Panfu came out 2 years later in 2007. Panfu copied Club Penguin.

Did clubpenguin copy Panfu or vice-versa?

panfu didn't copy club penguin, but club penguin didn't copy panfu either.

Is there any kids virtual worlds?

club penguin, virtual family kingdom, roblox, whyville, moshi monsters, runescape, skype,fantage, (for chatting to friends)

Are club penguin and panfu enemies?

Club Penguin and Panfu are not really enemies but they have similar things as each other. Club Penguin though does have a couple of things better than Panfu does.

Should Panfu be sue for copying Club penguin?

NO IT SHOULDN'T! Panfu is my fav game.... (online) Club penguin is nothing like panfu! If u think pandas and penguins are the same thing... You need to see a doc. Me so sorry, sound like you know more than I about this animal games.

Are they more game like club penguin and small world?

Yes there are sites like Panfu, Endless Online and Moshimonsters:)

What are some online multiplayer games with servers?

Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Panfu, Adventure Quest Worlds, and Rune Scape.

Are there any online games besides moshi monster?

yes club penguin, binwevils,twitter,panfu,facebook, and moshi monsters

Free online virtual games for girs age 10?

imvu is a site but u have to download it onto your computer if u wanna play it

Why do you hate panfu?

It's dumb. They copied Club Penguin. They took puffles and turned them into ugly duck pets called bollys. In Club Penguin puffles only cost 800 coins and in panfu they cost 2500! SO overpriced! Club Penguin should sue panfu! Club Penguin has lots of cool parties and what does panfu have? NO parties! So whoever started playing panfu chose the WRONG game to play!

Is the creator of Panfu the same creator as clubpenguin?

No, cause in club penguin there is penguins and in panfu pandas.