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Yes, a lot of them actually. There is Panfu, Bearville, Moshi Monsters.

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Q: Are there any other websites like club penguin?
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Other game websites like club penguin?

Well, next to club penguin my fav is binweevils.

Is there any other webcites like club penguin?

yes there are other websites like club penguin including moshi monsters and binweevils!

What are some other websites like free realms but no download?

club penguin

What are other websites like Neopets?

Club Penguin Marapets Moshi Monsters

What are other websites like spineworld?

Erm...Club Penguin and Habbo-they are all I know of.

Are there anymore websites like Club Penguin?

there is panfu

Are there websites like habbo and Club Penguin?

Are there any types of game worlds similar to club penguin?

there are alot of websites like club penguin like: nick's and here are some other websites that are just games:

What websites are there that are like club penguin but not just games?

There is on and it is called

How do you kill other penguins on Club Penguin?

You can not kill other penguins on club penguin. The club penguin is for ages 6-14. So if you like to kill people, club penguin is not the place for you.

Are there kids websites like club penguin you don t need email for?

Yes like moshi monsters and club penguin you do need email addres

What are some chat websites like club penguin?

Club Penguin is one of many chatrooms in the world. Habbo Hotel, IMVU & Second Life are all examples of chat websites where you create a character and talk to other people. Chat websites featuring webcams include Omegle & Chatroulette. Runescape, World of Warcraft & Disney's Toontown are MMORPGs. These are chat websites that are also games. However other chat websites which are like Club Penguin include Moshi Monsters, Build-a-Bearville & Webkinz