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No, Club Penguin was going on before Panfu. Panfu copied Club Penguin.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-28 16:07:37
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Q: Did Club Penguin copy panfu
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Did clubpenguin copy Panfu or vice-versa?

panfu didn't copy club penguin, but club penguin didn't copy panfu either.

When did panfu copy Club Penguin?

Club Penguin came out in 2005 while Panfu came out 2 years later in 2007. Panfu copied Club Penguin.

Why and how did Panfu copy Club Penguin?

CLUB PENGUIN DID NOT COPY BECAUSE PANFU ONLY CAME OUT A YEAR AGO. ON THE OTHER HAND CP HAS BEEN ON HERE FOR FIVE YEARS AND IT IS WAY COOLER THAN STUPID PANFU This have been edited by: Sweetcute10 Hmmm... i think the person that wrote this last time is wrong because they got it messed up. As you can see, the person who asked this question said why and how did Panfu copied club penguin? But they got it the other way around. Panfu copied Club Penguin. Club Penguin thought of everything first and Club Penguin DID NOT STEAL OR COPIED ANY IDEAS!

Is panfu better than Club Penguin?

No club penguin is much better than Panfu and panfu copied CP.

Is Club Penguin a copy of Panfu?

No. Club Penguin is original. Panfu is nothing they copied everything! They copied the ice skating rink (Sports field in panfu) They copied the player cards, they even copied puffles and turned them into ugly duck pets called bollys! Shame on you panfu for copying. Club Penguin is SO much better than panfu!

Which came first panfu or Club Penguin?

Club Penguin

Are club penguin and panfu enemies?

Club Penguin and Panfu are not really enemies but they have similar things as each other. Club Penguin though does have a couple of things better than Panfu does.

Does panfu have a dojo like club penguin?


Should Panfu be sued for copying Club penguin?

they haven't copied club penguin.

Did panfu steal Club Penguins ideas?

yes, they did. The truth is the head of panfu and the head of club penguin HATE each other. So the head decided to copy club penguin cause he was jealous of it. And panfu leader he is friends with the produser of nickelodeon sun. So they got it on nick! And they became famouse and boy is the leador of Club Puin sad!!!

Does anyone have codes for barbie girls panfu or club penguin?

you have codes for girls for club penguin

Why did Panfu copy Club Penguin?

Mainly Because They Wanted Money And They Decided To Copy CP and others so they went on CP and collected Ideas so there you have it

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