Pokewalker cannot connect

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There may be a few reasons, but you will probably need to reset your PokeWalker. The instructions are in the instruction booklet that came with the game.

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Q: Pokewalker cannot connect
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How do you delete a pokewalker?

I assume you are talking about deleting a pokewalker from registration in order to register a new pokewalker. I apologize to report that you cannot do this. Each pokewalker is coded to work exclusively with their copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver. Do not bother buying another pokewalker as they are a sham.

How do you return your Pokemon out of your pokewalker after you just reset the game?

Well.... you can't delete them on ur pokewalker....But u can give it bac to the ds. when u are on the route (on pokewalker) press the middle button once...It will say connect.get your ds ready to get the Pokemon bac.go to the main menu of the heart gold\Soul silver game and press connect to pokewalker ...get ready wif ur pokewalker and press the middle button again! it will connect....(only if the pokewalker is in good range of the ds) hOPE I HELPED (:

On Pokemon heart gold it say your pokewalker is already registered what does that mean?

It means the pokewalker is registered to another game already and you cannot use it. Only one pokewalker per game, no sharing.

Can you use the pokewalker in black and white?

No, You Cannot use it in B&W.

Can you connect your Pokemon Soul Silver Pokewalker with your heart gold Pokemon DS game?

i m pretty sure you can as u can connect 2 pokewalkers 2gether but u cannot start a new game with a Pokemon in the pw otherwise u ur pw stufs up

Where is kecleon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot get it in the game, however with the pokewalker, you can find it on a route.

Can pokewalker Pokemon be shiny?

yes you can put a shiny Pokemon in the pokewalker i put shiny suicune in mine but it wont look shiny. I put a shiny magikarp in mine, but can you catch a shiny Pokemon using the pokewalker, esp. Pokemon that cannot be caught anywhere else?

Can you purchase the Pokemon walker only for heart and gold?

The PokeWalker is available for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Both games come with a free PokeWalker inside. It cannot be bought separately from the game, though.

How can you hack the pokewalker to get watts without walking?

You cannot cheat on the Pokewalker. The most you can do is shake it, but the Pokewalker has sensors that analyze whether or not you are just shaking it and cheating the system. Walking creates different rhythms and shakes on the Pokewalker, while shaking it is continuous. The device can tell the difference. Just walk with the Pokewalker clipped to your clothing or in your pocket.

Which PlayStation cannot connect with computer?

The PlayStation 1 cannot connect to the Internet/Computer.

Where can you find a feebas in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find a Feebas on the game but you can find a Feebas on the Pokewalker Route Quiet Cave

I cannot connect to the internet even with Wi Fi?

I cannot connect to the internet even with Wi Fi...what to do ?