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go to cerulian city and talk to a kid that's be hind the house where a man will ask you if you collect badges and when you talk to that kid his itemfinder will go off then go up to the bridge and surf down the water to where mewtwos cave was and when you see the kid again surf up next to him and turn to the west and go to the wall there should be one spot to your left and right filled with water then lookto your left and hit the "a" button and you will get the berserk gene

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Q: Pokemon Gold where is the berserk gene?
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In Pokemon gold can you get the item berserk gene. two times?

not unless you cheat and duplicate it

What do you do with a berserk gene in Pokemon Crystal?

it raises the attack of your Pokemon but it also confuses the Pokemon during a battle.

What is berserk gene in Pokemon silver?

It is a hold item that doubles the pokemon's attack power, but makes it confused. The item is used up, and dissapears.

Do you need the berserk gene to catch mewtwo in crystal?

No you do not need it.

How do you get the hidden item in cerulean city in Pokemon gold?

The Berserk Gene is in the water; use Surf to get to it and the Itemfinder to pinpoint exactly where it is. Then just press A when you're in front of it. Incidentally, it's meant to be the last traces of Mewtwo's presence since Cerulean Cave is inaccessible in that game.

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