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With Action Replay A.K.A AR.

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Q: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cloning no gts?
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Is it still possible to use the GTS cloning method from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on Pokemon Platinum?

yes just do the same thing to get the wi-fi on to platnium and then its the same

How do you get cranidose on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get it only from Pokemon Diamond/Platinum or the GTS.

How do you get your GTS Pokemon out in Pokemon pearl or diamond?

if you put one in offer in the gts you cannot get it back . SORRY!

Is there a cloning glitch in Pokemon pearl that doesnt use the gts?

use an action replay

How do you get Pokemon pearl unlimited master balls on without action replay?

The GTS cloning glitch.

Is there a cloning cheat in Pokemon diamond version?

There is the gts cheat and the AR cheat, but i think the gts cheat can get you kicked off of Nintendo wfc.

Ar code for cloning Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

Currently, there is no code for cloning a Pokemon with a cheat device. However, there is a way to do it without one, and were you not a cheater I would tell you. It involves the GTS.

Why does your Pokemon gts feep freezing?

Your GTS could be freezing because you tried the "Cloning Glitch." This glitch caused my Pearl's GTS to crash whenever I tried to log onto it.

In Pokemon Diamond where do you find glameow?

You need to have Pearl or trade with someone who has Pearl.

What is gts on Pokemon platinum?

It is a international trade system in platinum diamond and pearl

Can you duplicate Pokemon in pearl?

Yes, either with the 'GTS Cloning Glitch' or an Action Replay. The latter is the easier way...

Can you capture a honkcrow in Pokemon Platinum?

no you have to trade in gts or with 2 ds that have Pokemon pearl,platinum and diamond