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You can't, sorry. Either trade it from Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond, or do a GTS trade.

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Q: How can you get finneon on Pokemon SoulSilver?
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What type of Pokemon is Finneon?

Finneon is a Water type pokemon.

Pokemon Pearl what does finneon evolve into?

finneon evolves into lumineon

What comes after finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

lumineon (evolded form of finneon)

How do you get Finneon in pokemon diamond?

You can get finneon in many routes by using the good rod :)

When does finneon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Finneon will evolve into Luminneon at level 31.

What is the evolve form of Finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

The evolved form of Finneon is Lumineon.

What Pokemon evolves after finneon?

If you are trying to ask what Finneon evolves into, that would be Lumineon

Does finneon evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

Finneon evolves into Lumineon at level 31.

Where in Pokemon platinum can you see the evolved form of finneon?

You have to get a finneon,and evolve it yourself

What Pokemon is Pokemon number 135 on the pearl pokedex?

It is Lumineon and you must evolve Finneon into it. Finneon evolves at lv. 32.

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is 134?


Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 134?