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finneon evolves into lumineon

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Q: Pokemon Pearl what does finneon evolve into?
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Does finneon evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

Finneon evolves into Lumineon at level 31.

What Pokemon is Pokemon number 135 on the pearl pokedex?

It is Lumineon and you must evolve Finneon into it. Finneon evolves at lv. 32.

In Pokemon Pearl when does Finneon evolve?

it evolves into lumion at level 31

Pokemon pearl what lv does finneon evolving?

At level 31 it will evolve Enjoy =]

In Pokemon pearl where do you find lumeineon?

you cant,you have to evolve finneon at lvl. 31

Pokemon pearl how does lumnion evolve?

Finneon evolves into Lumineon, but Lumineon is the final evolution.

Where can you find the evoled form of finneon at Pokemon pearl?

you can't u just have to fight some one with it in battle or evolve a finneon

What level does finneon evolve at in Pokemon pearl?

Finneon, fish pokemon, water type, evolves at level thirty one (31) or thirty two (32).

When does finneon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Finneon will evolve into Luminneon at level 31.

Who is Pokemon 135 in Pokemon Pearl and where can you find it?

Lumineon Cath a finneon and evolve it/super rod near canalave. Rare

How do you find lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

Evolve a Finneon at level 31 or catch it at route 205 with a Super Rod.

On Pokemon pearl what does finneon evolve into?

Finneon will evolve into Lumineon... i'm sorry but i can;t remember what level it evolves at