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they are finneon and lumineon

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Q: On Pokemon pearl what are numbers 134 and 135?
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Who are Pokemon numbers 134 and 135 and where can you find them on Pokemon diamond?

134.Vaporeon 135.Jolteon and you have to evolve eevee with a thunderstone or water stone

What is pokemon134 and pokemon135 in Pokemon Pearl?

On the First pokedex 80 is Barboach 134 is Finneon 135 is Lumineon

What are the Pokemon with the Sinnoh numbers 134 and 135?

Finneon and Lumineon.

Who are the Pokemon with the Sinnoh dex numbers 134 and 135?

vaporeon and jolteon

What is 134 135 Pokemon on the Pokemon diamond pokedex?

134-Finneon 135-Lumineon Happy Playing :-D Dancer_Pokemoner

What Pokemon is 133 134 and 135 in the platinum pokedex?

133 is octillery 134 is finneon and 135 is lumineon

Where is Pokemon 135 in Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon 135 is a Jolteon you must get and evee and put a thunderstone on it!

Pokemon Pearl what pokemon is 135 in the pokedex?


What is the 135 Pokemon on pearl?


In Pokemon pearl pokedex where is number 135?

number 135 is corsola

What are two consecutive whole numbers that 134.2 lies between?

134 and 135

What two whole numbers are closest to 135?

What are two whole numbers that are closest to 200 squared