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yes you can Evan get gta sa

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Q: On an Xbox 360 memory card can you play original Xbox games?
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How many games can the xbox 360 256mb memory card hold?

No, the 360 slim has no memory card slots.

Where does the memory card go on the xbox 360?

the xbox360 does not have "memory cards" like the original xbox. the 360 has an internal hard drive like how your home PC has an internal hard drive.

Does your Xbox 360 need to be chipped to play copied games?

yes u will need to have a chip/memory card in the Xbox 360 to play copied games

Can you connect an old Xbox memory card to an Xbox360?

I'm not too sure about this but, I didn't see any slots that look like a Xbox memory card can fit on a Xbox 360 memory card, I didn't even think Xbox had a memory card to tell you the truth, but if there is try goggling to see if there is a memory card for Xbox to Xbox 360 adapter or somthing like, sorry I couldn't help as much as you wanted. -RapidCartoon

Does Xbox 360 need a memory card?

No it dosent need a memory card

What do Xbox memory cards do?

They give you more space to store things from your xbox to your memory card

Do you need memory aka hdd or memory card i have nethier and b4 i buy a game i wana know if il need 2 get a memory unit to play xbox 360 games?

You do not need one however, if you would like to save your games, then you will need either the memory card or the hard disk drive.Normally, new models of the Xbox 360 on retail shelves will come with the memory card or the HDD so you shouldn't worry if that is your case.

Can you save games like halo3 on Xbox arcade with out a hard drive?

Yes you can still save your games as long as you have the memory card inserted.

Dose San Andreas for Xbox work on Xbox360?

Yes It does...... if the xbox had a separate memory card(for the 360) you can save your data (NOT on the hardrive on the 360 memory card)

Will the USB memory card reader work for a Xbox 360 storage device?

No, the USB memory card reader will not work for an Xbox 360 storage device. A memory card reader is a device for inserting a memory card into so that data can be retrieved and any storage device that is to be connected to an Xbox 360 must be properly formatted so that it is compatible with the console.

Can backup copies of Xbox 360 games be played on an original Xbox console?

No. Xbox 360 games will not work on xbox by any means possible. The games were made for a different hardware (a different processor, video card, etc.). Even worse, the xbox 360 games were made for more powerful hardware. However, you can play some original xbox games on an xbox 360 if you have a hard drive. Also, PS3 games will not work on the PS2 or PS1. -UnrivaledShogun

Do you need a hard drive to play your backed up games on Xbox 360. Isn't it enough to have the memory stick 256 to save games?

I have a 256 MB memory card and I have like 12 games saved and I am not eve on fourth done with the memory.