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yes you can Evan get gta sa

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 12:30:55
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Q: On an Xbox 360 memory card can you play original Xbox games?
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Do you need a memory card to save games on an Xbox 360?

no but you can get one

How many games can the xbox 360 256mb memory card hold?


If you have a Xbox 360 without a memory card and you run out of memory can you still play games and save them?

No, sorry

Does Xbox 360 need a memory card?

No it dosent need a memory card

Where does the memory card go on the xbox 360?

the xbox360 does not have "memory cards" like the original xbox. the 360 has an internal hard drive like how your home PC has an internal hard drive.

Can you have a memory card for Xbox live?


Can you connect an old Xbox memory card to an Xbox360?

I'm not too sure about this but, I didn't see any slots that look like a Xbox memory card can fit on a Xbox 360 memory card, I didn't even think Xbox had a memory card to tell you the truth, but if there is try goggling to see if there is a memory card for Xbox to Xbox 360 adapter or somthing like, sorry I couldn't help as much as you wanted. -RapidCartoon

Does your Xbox 360 need to be chipped to play copied games?

yes u will need to have a chip/memory card in the Xbox 360 to play copied games

What do Xbox memory cards do?

They give you more space to store things from your xbox to your memory card

Does xbox 360 have a memory card?

yes they do

What is the biggest amount of memory on a memory card for the xbox 360?

its 4gb

Does Xbox require a memory card?

the xbox does not require a memory card but i would recommend getting one for extra memory cause the game system only comes with a limited amount of memory.

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