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You can get Poliwag by fishing (using the Super Rod) on the Elite 4 trail.

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Q: On Pokemon LeafGreen where do you get poliwag?
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Where do you get the Pokemon Whirl on LeafGreen?

There is no Pokemon Whirl. However, there is a Pokemon called Poliwhirl, you get it by evolving Poliwag.

How do you get a poliwag in emerald?

I'm sorry, but you will have to trade from Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed. There is no way to find a Poliwag in the wild in Emerald.

Pokemon that are not in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Of the many Pokemon that you can't get in leafgreen are: Ekans, Poliwag, Scyther, Delibird, Oddish, Murkrow, Growlithe and many more. Edit: Poliwag can be found using a super rod in the pond at route 6.

Can you get a Poliwag in Pokemon Emerald?

yes. trade from firered or leafgreen, or use gameshark.

Can you get poliwag with old rod in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes u can just be patient..:p

Where on the beach can you get a Poliwag in Pokemon Emerald?

Poliwag is not available in Pokémon Emerald Version. You must trade it from Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen Versions. Over and out...

How do you catch a poliwag on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to the Safari Zone. Use a Good Rod to find one.

Can you get a poliwag in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to get a poliwag, you must obtain a good rod or a super rod. next, fish in cerulean city or the lake near vermilion. they are the most common places to find poliwag. hope this helps!

Where do you find poliwag on Pokemon LeafGreen?

easy u go to cape brink and keep fishing and it should appear

Where to trade poliwag in LeafGreen?

Cerulean City

Where do you find poliwag in pokemon leafgreen?

Use the Good Rod or Super Rod and fish at: Pallet Town, Cerulean City, or the Safari Zone.

How do you get Poliwag in Pokemon Emerald?

poliwag is usually on the beach.