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I've heard that if you beat the Battle Tower Frontier Brain the rocks by Dewford Town disappear and you can surf to the Kanto Region.Instead of encountering Wingull and Tentacruel there in the water,you can encounter Tentacruel and Madgikarp,and Lapras.You might be able to get a Kanto starter there-Bulbasaur,Charmander,and Squirtle.

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Q: On Pokemon Emerald can you go to the Kanto Region?
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How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald takes place in a different region than Kanto (the home of Pallet Town). You cannot go there in Pokemon Emerald.

How can you go in Kanto region in Pokemon emerald?

No you can't you stay in the Unova region glad to answer...Veronica

Can you go to Jhoto or Kanto from hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

No but in Pokemon crystal you can go from johto to kanto to johto etc.!!!

How do you go to the Kanto region in Pokemon White?

Impossible your in the unova Region

When can you go to the Kanto region in Pokemon HeartGold?

I believe that you can get to Kanto after defeating the Pokemon league and getting the National Pokedex.

How do you go to a different region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you dont, kanto is the only region

Can you go to Kanto region in pokemon platinum?

No. You can migrate Kanto Pokemon to your Platinum or catch some in the wild, but you cannot access one region from a game set in another region.

How can you go to the Kanto region in Pokemon black 2?

You can't.

How do you find Charmander in Pokemon Silver?

You have to go to the Kanto Region.

How do you get to Kanto in pokemon emarald?

Sorry but you can not get to Kanto in Emerald Maybe you're thinking of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal were you could go to Kanto. Just to clarify Kanto is the setting in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

How do you get into the Kanto region in Pokemon FireRed?

Click new game and there you go.

How do you get to the Hoenn region on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get there because you can only go to johto and kanto.