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Pokemon Emerald takes place in a different region than Kanto (the home of Pallet Town). You cannot go there in Pokemon Emerald.

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Q: How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Emerald?
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How can you get to pallet town in pokemon crystal?

A person can get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Crystal by first defeating Snorlax at the cave. Then, proceed to Viridian City, which leads into Pallet Town.

How do you go out of little root town to mossdeep city in Pokemon fire red?

You are thinking of pokemon sapphire/ruby/emerald. However, you can surf down from pallet town and reach cinnibar island.

How do you beat the pallet town gym in Pokemon soul silver?

there is no gym in pallet town...

How can you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow?

The start of the game takes place in Pallet Town. You start there.

Pokemon FireRed how do you get your Pokemon massages?

You go to Daisy in Pallet Town

Where is professor oaks lab in Pokemon heartgold?

Professor Oak's lab is Pallet Town. - Conoogle

How do you get to the sixth gym on Pokemon FireRed?

its in pallet town

How do you get rock climeb in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pallet town

Where is professor oak in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in pallet town.

Is there an action replay code to get to pallet town on Pokemon diamond and Pokemon pearl?

no their isn't u can not get to pallet town because it is in jhoto and diamond pearl and platuim is in sinnoh

Where is professor Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in pallet town (above cinnabar island)

How do you get to oaks lab on Pokemon?

fly to pallet town and walk there.