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if you have changed the drive in your xbox, or it has been changed, then your problem would most likely be from your drive key. the DVD ROM drive in your xbox has a key that is married if you will to the mother board. if you replace the drive the key from your old drive must be flashed to the new one. if this is not done the xbox will just work as a very expensive DVD player. if the drive has not been replaced, you may need to clean the laser. try a disc cleaner first and if that does not work you will have to take it apart and clean the laser manually. or replace it all together. hey m8 sorry about tdis but hw do i flashed the one CD drive?? but i am lost all its say is play DVD :( thx u

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Q: My xbox 360 plays DVD but not games?
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What does the Xbox 360 DVD drive do?

It plays the games

Do you have to have special movies for Xbox 360?

If it plays in your DVD player, it plays in your xbox 360

Does the Xbox 360 play DVDs?

If it works on a DVD player, it works on a xbox 360

How do you get your Xbox 360 games to work on your Xbox 360?

jeez...just put the game disc into the xbox 360(CD/DVD driver)

What game systems play DVD's?

the Xbox 360 plays movies

How do you unscratch an Xbox 360 disc?

You can purchase a scratch removal kit made especially for CD's, DVD's and games for the Xbox 360.

Can Xbox 360 play DVD's?

Actually yeah it can except unlike the regular xbox it doesn't have a remote you press something on the controller and look and the stuff you can do

Use an Xbox DVD movie playback kit on Xbox 360?

There's no point? The Xbox 360 will play any DVD without anything but a controller or a xbox 360 remote

Can you buy Xbox 360 games in America and play them on your Xbox 360 console in the UK?

No, I don't think you can they have regions like dvd's. The only console you can do that for is DS.

How do you watch a DVD on Xbox not Xbox 360?

You need to get an Xbox Remote for the Xbox before you can play DVD movies.

Can you barn xbox 360 games with a tdk DVD plus r plus dl?


Can you burn a xbox 360 torrent on a writable CD and play it on the xbox 360?

first of all you must chip your xbox 360 burn the game to a DVD then play it on the xbox 360. When you chip a console its lifespan will decrease in a huge amount and you can play NTSC and PAL games.