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You can purchase a scratch removal kit made especially for CD's, DVD's and games for the Xbox 360.

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use a white and normal toothpaste and after like 30 mins clean it with cloth

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Q: How do you unscratch an Xbox 360 disc?
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Can a xbox 360 disc cleaner clean a xbox 360 game disc?

If it didn't it wouldn't be an xbox 360 disc cleaner

Can you play a Xbox 360 disc on a Xbox?

NO!!No, But you CAN play xbox games on the xbox 360

How do you get media update on Xbox 360 without Xbox live?

download the updates from the official xbox 360 website then burn them on to a data disc then put the disc into your xbox 360 and install the updates.

How do you get your Xbox 360 games to work on your Xbox 360?

jeez...just put the game disc into the xbox 360(CD/DVD driver)

Is Minecraft available on a disc for the Xbox 360?

No, you get it over XBox Live.

How do you microwave xbox 360 game disc?

You do not unless you want to ruin the disc.

Does Gamestop clean Xbox 360 game disc?

Gamestop will clean some xBox 360 game discs.

Is a play station 3 disc compatible with an Xbox 360?

No. Ps3 uses Blu-ray, Xbox 360 does not.

Can you you use an Xbox 360 disc on an Xbox?

No, but you can (usually) do it the other way around.

Can you play halo on a PC with a xbox 360 disc?


How do you put Xbox 360 games on Xbox without Xbox live?

insert the disc mabye?

Why doesn't my Xbox 360 play skate even though skate is for Xbox 360?

The region code of the disc might be different from that of the xbox