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In order to play a game that you have downloaded and burned to disc on an Xbox 360 you have to mod your xbox. If you mod your xbox and log on to xbox live you will be banned.

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Q: Do you get banned from xbox 360 if you download a game from thepiratebayorg?
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My xbox got banned off xbox live because i played a copied game on it. Is there any way i can unblock it?

nope. once its banned its banned

If you burn a region free game and play live on your pal Xbox will you get banned?

Nope, you won't, but please don't try to download illegal content, thanks!

How do you download Xbox game torrents from mac to Xbox?


Can you download Xbox 360 games to the Xbox?

yes of course Firstly, go to Register Select game to download Download and burn to DVD 9 Put the game in xbox 360 Enjoy

Can you download DLC for original Xbox games on Xbox 360?

Depends on the game. Some xbox games are available for download through the xbox marketplace.

Can I play minecraft the game on my Xbox?

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

What do i do if my xbox 360 keeps saying that i can't connect to xbox live because i have to keep downloading my game?

you dont download the game you download updates and you have to do that

How do you download demos on Xbox live?

Go to Xbox Live Arcade, click on a game, and download the free demo.

What is a full game download on Xbox?

A full game download like downloading the cd or a market place game

How do you download castle crashers xbox 360?

Get Xbox live and go to the xbox live game market and purchase it for 1200. you can also download packs for it.

How do you download an Xbox 360 game to computer and write it in a CD and run it in Xbox 360?

You need your xbox chiopped.. but if you do that you cant get xbox live and it is against the law to download games

How can you download a game on your xbox again if it is canceled?

Just go back to the game you are downloading and select download again.