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If your Sims game doesn't work you should always try to see if the company will take it back. The same thing happened to me. Sometimes some of them just get messed up. If they wont take it back try to sell it at a game store so you can save a little bit of money the next time you try to buy it.

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Q: My sims game won't work would should i do?
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Why wont sims 2 pets install on your PC?

You can only play sims 2 pets on PC if you have the Sims 2 core game.

Why wont the try for a baby option on sims 3 work PS there is only 4 ppl in my family what should i do?

Buy a better game?

Your sims 3 game for computer wont work what do you do?

Your computer does not meet requirements, or the game might be broken.

Why on Sims3 World Adventures it wont let the sims travel?

It should?? Try using your sims's phone to travel.

Do you lose your sims 3 family if you start a new game?

nope, your family will stay the same but if you start a new game, the sims 3 families that you made wont be in the new game that you start.

What sims do you have to have to play all the other sims games?

Not sure which Sims you mean, do you mean the original game, Sims 1? You need the first game The Sims installed and then you can install expansion packs. It is recommended by Maxis that you install The Sims first (expansions wont work anyway without it) and Makin Magic last.

Why wont your Sims 3 pets game work?

Try to turn it off then turn back on. If that does not work it is probably not the game but the system

Why wont it let me click on the garage button on Sims 2 pets?

Because the game is going wrong.Ok

In the sims 2 double deluxe how do you get anyone to work at a commuinity lot you built?

hi!! i know this answer because i have every sims game!!! answer:in order to do that you would have to get the sims2 buissness and make someone own it. then go back to that person and visit that lot, and make them talk. then you would have to go back to the owner, and hire that sim, but they wont really work there and you wont be getting rewarded any simolens! i luv the sims!! enjoy!!

Why Wont your Expansion Pack Work On The Sims?

One reason that the expansion pack is not working on The Sims game is that the game system needs to be restarted. Many times, restarting the devices will solve many problems.

It wont let me play the sims without it saying i have to enter the sims 2 pets disc?

If sims 2 pets is the latest game you installed in your computer then to make sims 2 work you have to put in the sims 2 pets CD. I had the same problem.. I kept trying to run sims with nightlife but the latest game I had installed was apartment life... ~Always put in the disc of the latest game you installed~

On sims 2 all of the sims died now the computer wont let you go back to the neighborhood what is wrong?

That is a glitch. When you sims die it should just revert to build/buy mode and the Go to Neighborhood,Save, and Quit buttons should all still work. If your game doesnt work that way you may have to just forcequit the game then next time you play dont let the simmies die.