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nope, your family will stay the same but if you start a new game, The Sims 3 families that you made wont be in the new game that you start.

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Q: Do you lose your sims 3 family if you start a new game?
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Is there a lesbian game?

You could start a gay family in the Sims. Adopt children.

How do you have to be to play sims 2?

sims 2 is a game were you take care of a family or person.Whe npeople start to play you WILL love mke your person and you can have kids and everthing!! you can also get other sims 2 games to download to you sims 2 game do you have questions?

On sims 2 castaway after your sims are married what can they do?

Start a Family

Is there any sims game on ps2 were you can have a family?

yes, it is the sims bustin' out

How Ash Ketchum get Pikachu as his first Pokemon ever?

In the computer game 'The Sims', how many Simoleons does each family start the game with? +10 AP

Is there a game that you can have a virtual family?

You can have a virtual family in Sims 3.

Can you start a family on Sims 3 xbox?

Yes. You can have babies with other sims.

In the game The Sims Superstar if you have trophies and you move house will you lose them?


Can you make a new game without losing your old game in the sims 3?

Yes you can. When you are at the main menu where you choose to play your family you can choose to make a new town. Every game is town wide. You can not make a new family to play in your old town unless you want to lose the old family.

Is there a game where you can create a family?

Yes, there is. The Sims is a video game that allows the player to create a family and control what they do.

How do you save your game in My Sims?

You press start and then press save game.

Is there a online game where you can live in a house?

The Sims is an online game where you can live in a house. You decorate your house, get a job, get married, and have a family in the Sims game. You make choices for your character in the game.