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compleat your pokedex and give it to profesor roin it works for survival to. and here is fight beat the eleit four. tata for now.

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Q: How do you go to resort area on platinum?
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Where do you find buck in Pokemon platinum?

you go to the resort area

How do you get an apartment in Pokemon Platinum version?

You get it the first time you go to the resort area.

In Pokemon platinum how do you get to route 230?

Go north of Resort area, and south of route 228

Where to catch the spider Pokemon in platinum?

Near resort area and you need the national dex to go there.

How do you get to the resort area platinum?

you have to get the national dex.

How do you get a Belgium in Pokemon platinum?

Theres a desert area near the resort area go there and use a Pokemon radar and you might be lucky!

How do you get to resort area on Pokemon platinum?

you have to have beat Pokemon league and get the national pokedex then go to the snowpoint city and sail to fight area. go east of the fight area and go strait on.

What is the point of the Vila In Pokemon platinum?

In The Resort Area

Where to find pinsir in Pokemon platinum?

The Resort Area

Where you get your villa in Pokemon platinum?

Your villa is in the resort area

Where is the beach house in platinum?

in the resort area after you take the ship from snowpoint to battlefrontier get 100 wins then u can go

Where can i dig up a waterstone in Pokemon platinum I was told underneath the resort area but I have yet to find one?

Yes, you can dig up a waterstone in Pokemon platinum underneath the resort area.