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Route 229 (North of the Resort Area)

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Q: Where do you find Pidgey in platinum?
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Where can you find Pidgey in Pokemon platinum?

You can find Pidgey in 'Swarms' in certain routes on certain days after you obtain the National Dex.

How do you find Pidgey in Pokemon pearl?

You can get Pidgey by migrating from FireRed/LeafGreen or by trading with Platinum.

Were can you get pidgy on Pokemon platinum?

Pidgey can be found in Route 229 in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you catch pidgey in platinum?

Pidgey can be found in the grass along route 229 in the Resort Area. It is found mostly during the day.

Where do you find a Pidgey in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant find a pidgey in Pokemon emerald the only way to get a pidgey is to trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green

How do you get a pidgeotto when you have to evolve Pidgey from level 18 but you can only encounter them at like level 40 on route 229 on platinum?

If you catch a level 40 Pidgey and level it up, it will evolve.

Where do you find pidgotto in Pokemon platinum?

you can't you have to go to resort area and you will find a pidgey en evolve him into a pigiotto or a can give you one mij name is hamza2 friend code is :2708 0493 3360

How do you pigeotto in Pokemon platinum?

i found a pidgey in the grass near the resort area but i got lucky i think

Were can you get pidgeoto on Pokemon platinum?

You must evolve Pidgey, witch can be caught around Level 47-50 in Route 229.

Where can you find a Pidgey on HeartGold?

On The Way To Cherrygrove City

Who is a better Pokemon Spearow or pidgey?

Personally, I think Pidgey's are way better. They are easier to find, have better moves and more evolutions.

Where do you find a Pidgey on Pokemon dianmond?

transfer from 1st gen games