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You must install the update before you install The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack. Install the update by going to your Sims 3 Game Launcher and clicking on the "

Game Updates" tab.

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Q: The sims 3 world adventures wont install because of update?
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Why does your sims 3 world adventure not go on your computer it says that its not updated but when you do it says theres an error someone help you please?

You cant add another expansion pack.. when you didn't update your game... all you have to do is reinstall which basically means to update. Then you should be able to install world adventures.

How do you install the patches for Call of Duty World at War for PC?

go to to install the patches.

Why is sims 3 not comaptable with world adventures?

You have to update it...if you have an illegal copy of it you may have trouble updating it though..

Do you have to download World of Warcraft?

If you do not have the install disc for World of Warcraft, then yes, you have to download it and let it update to the current version.

How do you get to consignment store in Sims 3?

You need to install ambitions and world adventures but if i were you you should install ambitions. If you want to make your own store you need ambitions(and world adventures i think) for the consignment cash register and if you cant find that there are loads of forums telling you where you can find it. Again you need the sims 3 ambitions.

When i start the Sims 3 World Adventures game launcher an error appears The version of the game you are running is incompatible with the data Please update your game How do i fix this?

just update your game. I'm pretty sure this will work.

Can registered citizens of the United States of America download or install The Sims 3 World Adventures on their Nintendo DS 2013?

Yes, registered citizens of the United States of America can download or install "The Sims 3: World Adventures" for the Nintendo DS 2013.Source(s): My Best Educational Guess~ Paul Dellegatto ~

Which disk should i use if i have sims 3 and sims 3 pets already installed and install world adventures?

Use the base game

Why does it takes long to update perfect world descent?

Because your computer sucks.

Whats the sims 3 world adventures registation code?

Do you mean the code that you need when trying to install? If you do it is found on the back of the instructions manual. Hope this helps :)

How do you install the Sims 3 world adventures if you already have the Sims 3 insatlled?

just insert the sims 3 world advenetures disc and download it like the regular sims 3 disc.

What do you do when you put in the Sims three world adventures it says incompatible or put in the Sims 3 ambitions to continue but you want to play Sims 3 world adventures?

you need to put in the sims 3 ambitions disk because it is the newest expansion pack. even though you have the ambitions disk in, you can still play World Adventures. but because they are expansion packs, they are, well expansions for your game, so even if you could play with your world adventures disk, you would still be able to play ambitions because it is an expansion for the sims 3. so even if you just want to play world adventures, you still need to put in the ambitions disk.