Kings rock Pokemon LeafGreen

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It should be somewhere in sevault canyon.


pitagoras:it is on 7 island sevault cayon and you need rock smash and strength

or you can win the mixed battle mode at the trainer tower if u you do so you will get a king's stone

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Q: Kings rock Pokemon LeafGreen
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Where do you get the King's stone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Kings rock by the way you can earn it from the trainer tower and can be found on one of the islands.

What is the king's rock on Pokemon LeafGreen for?

It evolves Pokemon such as slowpoke now have slowpoke hold the kings rock then trade it to a friend then take it back it will be a slowking now, if you have a poliwhirl have it hold kings rock then trade to a friend and take it back it will now be a politoed.

Is a kings rock in a pokeball on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes it is. It is found on Seven Island toward the end of sevalt canyon by the rocks.

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get slowking?

give your slopoke a kings rock(you can find one in sevault canyon after you beat the game) do not use the kings rock on your slowpoke-just make it hold it!!! then, trade it with a friend.

How do you get slowking on Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

i think you make a slowpoke hold a kings rock and as it levels up it may evolve

What level does poliwhirl evolve at Pokemon LeafGreen?

well if you give it a kings rock it will evolve into pollitoad and i think its a moon stone to evolve into poliwrath

Whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon diamond?

whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon dimond?

Where is moss rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Moss Rock does not exist in Leafgreen as it was introduced in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Where do you get lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In The Navel Rock

How do you get rock smash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find it

Where can you find the moss rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you go threw rock tunnel in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Watch leurois Pokemon leafgreen walk through part.