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Q: Where can you find the moss rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where is moss rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Moss Rock does not exist in Leafgreen as it was introduced in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you find moss rock in pokemon diamond?

the moss rock is in Eterna forest

How do you get rock smash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find it

Where to find a onix in Pokemon LeafGreen?

rock tunnel

Where can you find a moss rock in Pokemon heartgold?

Possibly in the forest

Where do you find the move rock smach in Pokemon LeafGreen?

ember spa

Where do you find onix in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Rock tunnel, Six island.

Where can you find Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Navel rock to get there you need a mystic ticket. Also you can trade the lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness to leafgreen.

Where do you find rock smash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

after you catch all the Pokemon and beat the eleat fore mewtwo gives it to you

Where can you find a machop in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Victory Road, Mount Ember, and I think Rock Tunnel..

Where do you find Electabuzz on Pokemon LeafGreen?

The power plant which is below rock tunnel you need surf to get there.

Where do you find a leafeon on Pokemon pearl?

You need to train an Eevee at Moss Rock in Eterna Forest.