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rock tunnel

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Q: Where to find a onix in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where do you find onix in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Rock tunnel, Six island.

How do you get a onix in Pokemon Emerald?

Unfortunately, you can't get an Onix in Pokemon Emerald. To have your own Onix, you need to trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen. Hope I helped :)

Where can you catch an onix on Pokemon Emerald?

Onix is uncatchable in emerald you must get one from firered or leafgreen.

What Pokemon does brock have in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Geodude level 12 Onix level 14

What level does onix evolve at Pokemon LeafGreen?

sorry doesn't evolve in leaf green

What Pokemon you find in victory road on Pokemon LeafGreen?

the wild Pokemon which you can find in victory road on leaf green are: geodude, graveler, zubat, golbat, onix, machop, machoke, sandshrew and if your lucky enough to find one then sandslash

How many Pokemon are there in victory road in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Onix Machop Geodude Zubat Sandslash Golbat Machoke Marowak

Were do you find the metal coat in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to the island with the stone pillar. It has a person mourning a deceased Onix. If you give him a lemonade, he will give you metal coat.

'What level does onix evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen'?

there is no level for onix to evolve it will evolve if u trade it to another game make sure it holds a metal coat or it will not evolve

Where do you find a crystal Onix in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no such thing as a Crystal Onix in the Pokemon games series. It was only in the Pokemon anime.

Where do you find onix in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can find an Onix in Dark Cave or in Victory Road in the main game.

Why onix cannot evolve by holding metal coat in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade it while holding a metal coat.