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Not at all. Although, if you still don't feel okay with it, you can test it out yourself.

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Q: Is using the website slime chunk finder cheating in Minecraft?
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How do you find corners of a chunk in minecraft?

If your x and z coordinates are both multiples of 16, you are standing on the corner of a chunk.

What does the red dot on a map in minecraft mean?

Probably a HUGE chunk of lava. Or glitch.

What are some of the best Minecraft servers?

Diamonds are a rare mineral in minecraft found by mining. Diamond veins spawn once per chunk, and are found best on level 14.

What to do when you are in a desert with absolutely no trees and every chunk is explored and night is coming in minecraft?

SInce InfDev the terrain on Minecraft is unlimited so keep exploring, eventually you will find some wood

what level do you find gold in minecraft?

It appears from levels 2 - 29, with an average of 7.5 gold ore per chunk!

What layer is redstone found on in Minecraft?

Redstone Ore veins are found below layer 16. veins are most common on layer 8. There are 25 ores per chunk on average.Sources: Redstone Ore - Minecraft WikiOre - Minecraft Wiki

Where do you find gold on Minecraft?

If you press f3, the y: is the height or what is referred to as a level or layer. You can find gold from levels 2 - 29. There are about 8 gold blocks per chunk. A chunk consists of a 16 x 16 from 0 - 256 height of the world. You can also find what chunk you're in by pressing f3, and x and z will have (c) at the end. This is the chunk.

How far do you have to dig to find iron in minecraft?

It is anywhere the is smooth stone, even on the serface, like on a cliff, or a chunk loading error.

What to do with a chunk loader in Minecraft?

I am guessing you are playing a modpack. This device saves a x amount of chuncks in the area around the chunckloader. So a device such as a pump or quarry will continue to operate even if you are not in the chunk or world. These will not work offline unless you are on a server and its on.

What is the most rare ore in Minecraft an how far is it?

The rarest ore in Minecraft is emerald. They are only found in extreme hills biomes and there is on average less than 1 per chunk, making them many times rarer than diamonds.

What are the words to the Chunky candy bar jingle?

Chunk-a-chunk Big chunck Chunk-a-chunk Big chunk Open wide for Chunky!

How many blocks do you have to be away for monsters to spawn in minecraft?

mobs will spawn anywhere within a 15x 15 chunk around the player. that means they can spawn from up to 240 blocks away from you.