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There kinda is a r4 for Xbox 360 but it it is not an r4 it is a mod chip that you can download games onto and then plug into u're xbox 360

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Q: Is there such thing as a r4 for Xbox 360?
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Can Xbox 360 live games work on Xbox 360?

Yes?? They are the same thing

How do you get rid of a virus on Xbox 360?

A virus on the Xbox 360? I have never heard of such a thing.

How do you get an xbox 360 hard drive to work in the xbox 360 slim?

You cant, the only thing you can do is transfer the memory to the new xbox 360 slim with a transfer cable.

Is there such thing as a xbox 360 chat room?


What is Xbox 360 Mark II?

no such thing

Does Xbox 360 games go on Xbox elite?

Yes. The Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite variation are the same thing. The Elite is just black and comes with a bigger hard drive.

Can Xbox 350 play Xbox 360 games?

There is no such thing as the xbox 350. There is an original xbox but no 350.

What Xbox 360 is the best for Xbox live?

I don't understand your question. Which Xbox 360 you use has nothing to do about Xbox LIVE. The only thing that matters for Xbox LIVE is your internet connection.

Can you use an Xbox 360 elite controller on a regular Xbox 360?

Yes. Its the same thing except it's black

What is the worst thing to waste?

Money on an xbox 360.

For Xbox live what is the difference between an Xbox 360 pro and Xbox 360 elite?

Uh nothing they have the same support the only thing that is different is the console.

Where is a good place or website where you can turn your xbox 360 into an xbox 360 laptop or an xbox 360 portable?

there is a very good web site called " " ,if such a thing can be done that's were you WILL find it