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i am so sorry to say this but there isn't a code for this - sorry!!!

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Q: Is there a shiny Pokemon code for emerald that WON'T mess up it's name when you catch it?
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If you use a gameshark code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon emerald how damage will be infliticted on the Pokemon emerald game will it be enough to freeze the game completely?

NO!it wont,because it cant. but it will if you turn it of and on.

Can pokewalker Pokemon be shiny?

yes you can put a shiny Pokemon in the pokewalker i put shiny suicune in mine but it wont look shiny. I put a shiny magikarp in mine, but can you catch a shiny Pokemon using the pokewalker, esp. Pokemon that cannot be caught anywhere else?

Is there a cheat for shiny Pokemon that stay shiny?

"Yes the code is to make all wild Pokemon shiny so when you catch it will always be shiny even when you trade it" *I AM IMPROVING THIS ANSWER* No, they won't be. It's a lie. There is no code (yet) that makes Pokemon PERMANETLY shiny no matter what you do, I am sorry... =(

How Can You get an Eevee in Emerald?

nope.YOU cant! i wont tell u!i found it IN my emerald game and it was shiny too!cool,huh?

What do you do in the space shuttle in Pokemon emerald?

it depends on when you get on but i believe you can go up and catch iether deoxys or jirachi but im warning you if you try to do it again on the same Pokemon you wont be able to do it even if you restart!

How do you catch a wild munchlax in Pokemon emerald?

you cant because it doesent properly exist on ruby,sapphire or emerald you probaly confused because may's got one on the series but you wont be able to get a munchlax unless you buy Pokemon diamond,pearl orplatinum . hope i helped

How do you get berries to grow if they wont grow on Pokemon emerald?

You have to wait for it to grow.

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald on computer?

You need a decent emulator. VBA wont work.

Can you get killed regies back in Pokemon emerald?

No...once u beat any of the legends u wont find them again. i recomend to save before u try to catch any and to load up with ultraballs, also have a Pokemon that know hypnosis it will make it easy to catch

What is the quickest way to catch latios?

In Pokemon ruby you can catch latios but not latias, in Pokemon sapphire you can catch latias not latios, in emerald you can choose. Use your master balls on them so they wont fly away. You can use other types of balls, eg timer ball, ultra ball, or great ball on the other legendaries.

How do you catch shiny Pokemon with an action replay?

Lets see...How do you capture legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond with Action Replay? Theres a code for Easy Capture, which makes every Pokemon/Pokeball catch rate 100%. There's also codes to re-battle legendary Pokemon

Can normal Pokemon evolve into shiny Pokemon?

No, each Pokemon either has the quality of "shininess" or it doesn't. Evolving your Pokemon doesn't change this, meaning that evolving non-shiny Pokemon cannot result in a shiny Pokemon, nor can evolving a shiny Pokemon result in a non-shiny Pokemon.