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You have to wait for it to grow.

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Q: How do you get berries to grow if they wont grow on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you make berries grow in pokemon emerald?

Plant them in the soil where you picked them and water them. If they dont grow then maybe your internal battery has run dry (this means clock based events like shoal cave tide and plants wont grow)

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald on computer?

You need a decent emulator. VBA wont work.

What happens if you do not water berries in Pokemon Platinum?

It wont die if that's what your thinking but me personnaly as a breeder i take all berries i see

If you use a gameshark code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon emerald how damage will be infliticted on the Pokemon emerald game will it be enough to freeze the game completely?

NO!it wont,because it cant. but it will if you turn it of and on.

How do you smash berry's in Pokemon FireRed the game?

The only way to use berries in FireRed and LeafGreen is to berry crush with another FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald using GAMEBOYS (DS wont work) and 2 wireless adapters

Where can you get Pokemon groundon in sapphire?

You can not! you wont to trade with ruby or emerald. or if you are playng in vba emulator you can use cheat.

What level does marill evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

its at around 30 and i really don't mean to offend you but if that Pokemon is on your team i don't recommend it and it wont do as well as other Pokemon ......

The lady wont give you the pokeblock case what do you do to get it?

in what Pokemon? in Pokemon ruby/sapphire and maybe emerald too, a girl in slateport contest house give it to you

How do you get a Florida banyan tree to stop producing too many berries?

you cant stop natures course so you should stop caring for it as much and the berries wont grow I hope i help :)

How do you unlock Pokemon tower in Pokemon emerald for vba when you do the poke league and goes to sav plays the vid reloads then wont load why?

you can get it before the 8th gym

Do Pokemon from the Battle frontir register in th pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

Wild Pokemon in Battle Frontier like Sudo Woodo and Smeargel will be registered to your Pokedex, but the Pokemon owned by trainers you battle wont...

How do you get Meditite on Pokemon Emerald?

you have to cheat for it guys or elese it wont work okay here s the cheat 2456dfgghj-09