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No there isn't, there are no mermaids in the Sims games.

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Q: Is there a cheat to allow you to have a mermaid in sims?
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How do you make a sims mermaid?

There is no cheat for being a mermaid (which SUCKS) but there is a mod on The Sims Mods.

Is there a cheat that will allow you to have a sims fish-baby on the PC Sims 2?


Can you be a mermaid on sims 2 apartment pets?

No, you can't be a mermaid in any of the Sims games.

How do you have a mermaid sim in Sims 3?

In the Sims 3 Island Paradise your sims can become a mermaid. In order to become a mermaid, a mermaid must give you the mermaid kelp or in life time rewards you can purchase it. Your sim must be human to become a mermaid (not a vampire, wolf, etc.)

How do you become a mermaid on the Sims 2 deluxe edition?

You can't turn into a mermaid in any of the Sims games.

How do you find mermaid on Sims 2?

U can not find a mermaid on sims 2. You can make one though.

How do you make a mermaid potion on sims?

You can't, there is no such thing as a mermaid potion. If you want to become a mermaid on the Sims the only way to do so is by downloading a pre-made mermaid Sim.

Is there a cheat to turn your sim into a mermaid caues on YouTube theres a video thet has a sim that is a mermaid?

You cant enter a cheat,however log on to and press exchange,then sims.Then search mermaid and there will be sims you can download with a mermaid tail for swimwear.They do not know they are mermaids and still try to walk,cross their legs and swim like a human so they look rather strange,

On The Sims 2 how do you become a mermaid?

You can't actually become a mermaid but you can download mermaid outfits, that is the closest you can get to being one.

Where is the mermaid download for Sims 2?

xm sims is where you find it

Can your sim become a mermaid in Sims 3?

They can only have mermaid costumes. They don't look that real you can see their feet. If you want your Sim to be a mermaid, buy the Sims 2 of download a mermaid Sim from the Internet.

Can you be a mermaid on sims 2?

No you can't.