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Q: What is the reaction of 'Cadaver' by Alberto S Florentino?
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Who are the characters of cadaver by alberto florentino?

Torio, Marina and Carding are the characters in Cadaver by Alberto S. Florentino.

What are the theme of cadaver by Alberto S Florentino?


What is the moral lesson of 'Cadaver' by Alberto S Florentino?

The moral lesson of "Cadaver" by Alberto S. Florentino is that societal norms and expectations can create pressure and conflict within families, leading to issues of pride, dignity, and sacrifice. The story highlights the importance of understanding and accepting one another's choices and perspectives, even in the face of societal judgment.

What are the theme in The World Is An Apple by Alberto S Florentino?

what are the theme in the world is an apple by Alberto S. Florentino?|

Who wrote The World Is An Apple?

"The World Is An Apple" was written by Filipino playwright Alberto S. Florentino. It is a one-act play that explores themes of dishonesty, poverty, and the consequences of greed.

Who is the author of The World Is An Apple?

The author of the short story "The World Is An Apple" is Alberto S. Florentino. He was a Filipino playwright, director, and writer known for his social realist works that often depicted the struggles of the common people.

Biography of alberto s. florentino?

Alberto S. Florentino was a Filipino playwright known for his works that explored social issues and human relationships. He was born in 1939 and passed away in 2019. Florentino's plays, such as "The World is an Apple" and "The Portrait of the Artist as Filipino," are considered classics in Philippine literature.

What kind of narrator is Alberto Florentino?

Alberto S. Florentino is known for being a contemporary Filipino playwright. He is recognized for his realistic and socially relevant plays that often tackle issues such as family relationships, societal norms, and Filipino culture. Florentino's works are characterized by his profound understanding of human nature and his ability to convey deep emotions through his writing.

Who is florentino sdauz?

There is no specific information available about someone named Florentino Sdauz. It is possible that the name was misspelled or is not widely known. If you have any additional context or details, I may be able to provide more accurate information.

Critical analysis of The World Is An Apple?

The World is an Apple is a very famous Filipino play. It was written by Alberto S. Florentino. This play depicts life of the poor people of the Philippines.

What is the history of playwright Alberto Florentino?

Alberto S. Florentino is a prominent Filipino playwright known for his distinct style of realistic and socially relevant dramas. He has written numerous plays focusing on contemporary Filipino society and is recognized for his contributions to Philippine theater. Florentino's works often explore themes of love, family dynamics, and societal issues, earning him accolades and awards in the Filipino literary community.

Where is the setting of the story The World Is An Apple?

The play The World Is An Apple, by Alberto S. Florentino, is set in a very poor area in a district (Intramuros) within the city of Manila, in the Philippines. More specifically, in front of Gloria and Mario's house.