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Yes, There is a dragonball z game. That is Dragon Ball Z 2009 pc game.

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Q: Is there a Dragon Ball Z game with ssj5 goku?
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How do you get Goku ssj5 in Dragon Ball budokai?

you can't. ssj5 doesnt exist. its just a fan made character

How can you get Goku ssj5 on BT3?

You can't, because the SSJ5 level hasn't been officially created by Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball). But if you really want to play against a SSJ5 Goku, you can search for a hack of Budokai 3 (NOT Budokai Tenkaichi 3, notice that) named Dragon Ball AF.

Will there be ssj5 goku in dragon ball raging blast 2?

some say that goku will come to ssj5 some others say no.Well they will confirm a new movie but i am not sure they got ssj5 or not the only thing i no is that the movie comes at spring

Can Goku turn SSJ5 in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3?

No, only a super sayian 1,2,3,4

Who is stronger ssj5 gohan or ssj5 goku?

Gohan ssj 5 but gohan was first who unlock ssj5 Then goku unlock ssj5

Are there any DBZ episodes with goku super saiyan 5 on them?

well hi there.......Sadly goku doesn't transform into a ssj5 in any of the db/z/gt series.......but if u want to see him in ssj5 then u can watch him in DRAGON BALL AF..........just try to search some info about DBAF....i bet u will come to know something about dbaf and goku ssj5

Is there a super saiyan ten?

In Dragon Ball AF (a fan made show) No. DragonBall AF only has SSJ5 as max, and only goku reached it.

Is it possible for ssj5 to be on DBZ B3?

nope but there is a game called mugen that you have download and put goku ssj5 in it

Can you get ssj5 gogeta in Dragon Ball Z budokai 3?

No there is no ssj5 gogeta there is a ssj4 but no 5

What comes after Dragon Ball?

Well, there is the order for the Dragon Ball series: 1 - Dragon Ball (starts with Goku as a child and finishs when Goku marrys) 2 - Dragon Ball Z (starts when Gohan, Goku's son born, and finishs when Z Fighters beat Majin Buu) 3 - Dragon Ball GT (starts when Goku is training with Uub and finishs when Goku finds 7 Black Star Dragon Balls and the dragon grants his wish) 4 - Dragon Ball AF (i don't know about it but Goku there goes ssj5) P.S. As for Dragon Ball Kai, that's like Dragon Ball Z but its redrawn.

Can you get ssj5 goku in dragonball budokai tenkaichi 3?

Their was never a SSJ5 in the first place (except for DBAF which was fan made). There isn't a ssj5 in the game you cannot get him yet. You can get him

How do you get ssj5's on dbz af the game?

Dumbie, there isn't even a Dragon Ball AF game out. Well, for the U.S.A there isn't. But they are saying AF is fake.