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Their was never a SSJ5 in the first place (except for DBAF which was fan made).

There isn't a ssj5 in the game you cannot get him yet.

You can get him

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Q: Can you get ssj5 goku in dragonball budokai tenkaichi 3?
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What do you have to do to get ssj5 goku in dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 for the wii?

Fight senron 5 times and go to the shop and they will have it for only goku

How can you get Goku ssj5 on BT3?

You can't, because the SSJ5 level hasn't been officially created by Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball). But if you really want to play against a SSJ5 Goku, you can search for a hack of Budokai 3 (NOT Budokai Tenkaichi 3, notice that) named Dragon Ball AF.

How do you get goku ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3?

u can not get gouk ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3 ...........

How do you get Goku ssj5 in Dragon Ball budokai?

you can't. ssj5 doesnt exist. its just a fan made character

How to get supersaiyans in dragonball budokai af ps2?

My guess is that Budokai AF is a modded game, probably of Budokai 3. In that case, it'd be impossible for me to tell you how to unlock Goku SSJ5. I haven't tried this before, but try using memory data from B3 in that modded game. If you have all characters and Transformations, it'd be easier than to look for equivalents.

What is lilli dbz budokai 2?

It is game that is very fun it has ssj5 vegeta , gohan , goku, and xicor.

How do you get ss5 im budokai 3?

How do you get ss5 in budokai 3?there is 1 ssj5 its gogeta i think in budokai 3 budokai tenkaichi 1,2,3 you can get him it dosent say ssj5 gogeta its ssj4 realy but here is how to get it first you know people on the game have different costumes you have to have ssj4 gogeta second costume and then he's a ss5

Can Goku turn SSJ5 in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3?

No, only a super sayian 1,2,3,4

Who is stronger ssj5 gohan or ssj5 goku?

Gohan ssj 5 but gohan was first who unlock ssj5 Then goku unlock ssj5

Is there a Dragon Ball Z game with ssj5 goku?

Yes, There is a dragonball z game. That is Dragon Ball z 2009 pc game.

Is there a super saiyan ten?

In Dragon Ball AF (a fan made show) No. DragonBall AF only has SSJ5 as max, and only goku reached it.

Who is the strong Goku or vegeta?

Although in DragonBallGT Goku and Vegeta are evenly matched due ssj4, in DBZ Goku is stronger. Goku can upgrade up ssj3, whereas Vegeta cannot. But, in my opinion, DragonBallGT SUCKS!!! Not to mention Dragonball Z Kai. I highly recommend DragonBall Z over all. In the new (fan made) DragonBall AF series, Goku achieves ssj5, making him stronger.So Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Goku IS also the strongest Anime character ever.