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Well all of the Characters are



Kid Gohan

Teen Gohan

Adult Gohan










Super Buu

Kid Buu



Future Gohan

Future Trunks

Any Costum Character you make possibilitys are

Goku End of Z

Goku in DBAF

SSJ5 Goku and Vegeta

Vegeta with King Vegeta Clothing

Zaiko the main villin in DBAF

The Saiyan Hero in Dragon Ball Heroes



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Q: Who are the characters in Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi?
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Why are there no gt characters in Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi?

Lol, it says so in the name. dragonball Z ultimate tenkaichi.

How many characters can you create on Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi?

3 Giga Drill

When does dbz ultimate tenkaichi come out in stores?

when is dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi coming out

Will there be a Dragon Ball z game after Dragon Ball ultimate tenkaichi?


Wil there be a Dragon Ball Z boudaki tenkaichi 4?

There is, ultimate Tenkaichi.

Is dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi for the Wii?


Can you buy Dragon ball Ultimate Tenkaichi for PlayStation 2?

No. Ultimate Tenkaichi is 360/ps3 game only

Can you be a girl on Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi?

yes u can be a girl on dbz ultimate tenkaichi i am a girl on it.

Which is better Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi or Dragon Ball Z raging blast 2?

Dragon ball bt3 have a bigger character roaster, Dragon ball raging blast 2 have better graphics, the gameplay of budokai tenkaichi and raging blast isn't realistic... Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3 is better than raging blat 2 but we have a problem called dbz ultimate tenkaichi. In ultimate tenkaichi we have a realistic gameplay 'cause the kamehame (for example) is hard to make and 1 spirit bomb is enought to kill the enemy, in budokai tenkaichi 3 you can make the kamehame 4 times in one round or 2 spirit bombs and the enemy will survive. In ultimate tenkaichi you create three characters, what is impossible to do in budokai tenkaichi... I think the best is Ultimate tenkaichi then we have budokai tenkaichi 3 and finally raging blast 2 but remeber... budokai tenkaichi have a larger character roaster ;)

Can you play as goten on Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi?


Does the game Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi has a multiplayer?

Yes, it will have Multiplayer.

Does Dragon Ball Z boudokai tenkaichi 3 work on ps3?

No the game is not for the PS3 Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is a PS3 title that is available