Is Goku ssj5 real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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unfortunately No

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Q: Is Goku ssj5 real
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Who is stronger ssj5 gohan or ssj5 goku?

Gohan ssj 5 but gohan was first who unlock ssj5 Then goku unlock ssj5

Can Goku go ssj5?


Can Goku turn ssj5?


Can SSJ5 Goku kill Super Buu?

If there were a SSJ5 Goku, he would theoretically be able to defeat Super Buu with a single punch.

Can you get Goku ssj5 in bt3?

HA! I wish...

Is it possible for ssj5 to be on DBZ B3?

nope but there is a game called mugen that you have download and put goku ssj5 in it

How do you get Goku ssj5 in Dragon Ball budokai?

you can't. ssj5 doesnt exist. its just a fan made character

How do you get goku ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3?

u can not get gouk ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3 ...........

Will there be ssj5 goku in dragon ball raging blast 2?

some say that goku will come to ssj5 some others say no.Well they will confirm a new movie but i am not sure they got ssj5 or not the only thing i no is that the movie comes at spring

Can you get ssj5 goku in dragonball budokai tenkaichi 3?

Their was never a SSJ5 in the first place (except for DBAF which was fan made). There isn't a ssj5 in the game you cannot get him yet. You can get him

How do you get ssj5 Goku?

you basically cant its fake goku cant go further than ssj 4

How can Goku go ssj5 on bt3?

only 1-4 and gogeta...