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the famas in mw2 was 3 round burst making it unpopular in the community however in black ops it is fully automatic and fires over 900 RPM

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โˆ™ 2012-01-03 23:25:46
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Q: Is the FAMAS a 3 round burst?
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What is the best weapon modern warfare 2?

well.... i use the famas, tar21 acr, and ak47. the famas is a 3 round burst but it kills your enemy in two or three shots.

Is the m16 a 3 round burst?

yes and no the m16 veitnam was auto the one to day is 3 round burst

Best assault rifle in modern warfare 2?

Depending on what type of AR you like, if you like accuracy, ACR. If you like damage, M164A. If you like 3 round burst, FAMAS or M164A. Just depends.

What round does an m16 shoot?

Depends mostly 3 round burst though can be fully aoutomatic mos accurate with da 3 round burst

Does the m16 have a 3 round burst?

Yes it does.

Does the tippmann a-5 paintball gun have three round burst?

It depends if it has a electronic trigger and which board it has in it. If it's the stock version with out an electronic trigger, it proberly won't have 3 round burst. But see if you can find out if it has a electronic trigger and if that has the 3 round burst setting.

In COD MW2 which is better Famas or Scar H?

It really only depends on how a player uses his or hers weapon, but generally, the FAMAS is slightly better than the SCAR-H, since it is a three round burst weapon. The SCAR-H is a good automatic weapon to use that is also everyone's favorite.

M16a1 full auto or 3 round burst?

The M16A1 is fully automatic.

How do you get the famas on battlefield 3?

The FAMAS is the first unlockable assault rifle for the assault class. You can get it by completing the assignment "Best Friends Forever." Once you've done that you have the FAMAS.

Is the Halo 3 Assault rifle returning in Halo 4?

The 3 round burst gun from halo3.

In COD Modern Warfare 2 are you able to use a FAMAS with a silencer and get 1 burst kills?

no it is not possible the silencer takes away the stopping power and wont kill in 1 burst unless you get a headshot.

Is the ACR on Call of Duty Modern Warfare Automatic or 3 Round burst?

Fully Automatic

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