What is the best MW2 assault rifle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The most powerful fully automatic assault rifle is the AK-47, but it is sometimes downgraded because of its low accuracy and slow fire rate. The most powerful burst fire assault rifle is the M16A4, it has good accuracy, high power and a high fire rate, however, it is a 3-round burst similar to the FAMAS, which is why it is sometimes downgraded. The SCAR-H is a powerful gun with high accuracy and range, but a debilitating slow fire rate. The TAR-21 is a powerful gun with mid-high damage and range, but a middling fire rate. The FAL is a very powerful weapon with a high accuracy and range, but a disappointing single-fire rate makes it not the best gun. The F2000 has a high fire rate and range, but is weak in both accuracy and fire power. The FAMAS is a very accurate and fast firing weapon but is low in damage. In my opinion, the M4A1 Carbine is the "best" fully automatic assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2, with its high accuracy, range and fire rate, with the addition of the Stopping Power Pro Perk, it is quite a powerful weapon. While the M16A4 is definitely the "best" 3-round burst fire assault rifle in the game. I hope this post has helped your decision.

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Q: What is the best MW2 assault rifle?
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Does fmj work on the shotgun attachment for an assault rifle on mw2?

Well i don't think so as i think fmj will only work on the assualt rifle not the shotgun

What is the acr in MW2?

The assault riffle with the best accuracy and a great fire rate. But it is in the low damage group of assault riffle.

What is the best assault rifle in all halos?

i like the one in halo combat evolved the best cuz it has the most shots but all assault rifles are amazing and cool the was no assault rifle in halo 2 but bungie put in the smg instead which is suppost to be the assault rifle

What is the Best cheap civillian legal assault rifle?

A true "assault rifle" that can be transferred legally will run you 10000 and up.

What is the best assault rifle in MW2?

Peronnally I like the M16A4, but you might not agree. Try putting a holographic sight/ red dot sight on it, if you don't like the cold steel. The M16A4 is a headshot killing machine!

In a fire fight which assault rifle is the best?

The one that you have.

What kind of assault rifle should you get?

The best you can afford.

How do you prestige on mw2 faster?

Try going on 3rd person team tactical with a Scar-H which should be in your assault rifle menu depending on your rank.

What is the best assault rifle in the world?

In simple terms, there is no ONE best. Different rifles have different characteristics, and it is a matter of opinion. All assault rifle's are created for multiple purposes. No one assault rifle is the best in all characteristics, but there are rifles like the PSD assault rifle that has more punch and still a normal recoil. no weapon is perfect, but some are balanced and are very good.

Which is best assault riftle gun in MW2?

Its a matter of opinion but i would say the ACR with HearBeatSensor and AGOC Scope.

Ak 47 an assault rifle or smg?

Assault rifle.

What is the best Raven assault rifle Sniper and MG in MAG?

The Best assault rifle, is the R-533 The Best sniper is actially the Janas, even though it's not the last one, trust me, it is The Best MG isi by far the Kp-45