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It really only depends on how a player uses his or hers weapon, but generally, the FAMAS is slightly better than the SCAR-H, since it is a three round burst weapon. The SCAR-H is a good automatic weapon to use that is also everyone's favorite.

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Q: In COD MW2 which is better Famas or Scar H?
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COD MW2 What is beter Famas or Scar H?

Well, it depends on the task at hand. For longer, farther shots, the Famas is a pretty safe bet. The Scar-H is an all around weapon. The Famas is a little harder to shoot and kill compared to the Scar-H. I recommend the Scar-H for all maps execpt for sniper maps.

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Im pretty sure Mw2 is better because i have both and mw2 has a better multiplayer. Mw2- 9 out of 10 Cod4- 8.5 out of 10

What is a good Spetsnaz gun in mw2?


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I think MW2 is ten times better.

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COD MW2 is a much better game than WAW because the guns on MW2 are much better and more powerful. Trust me i know what im saying is true!

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Cod mw2 has better graphics so cod is he'll better

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ive played both games and i'd have to say black ops is better (especially for newbies) but the maps on black ops are much better, although mw2 has a few good maps I have not played black ops but i have MW2 and it is awesome and from the reviews on IGN and Gamespot they say MW2 is better

Which is better COD MW2 or L4D2 Provide reason please...?

CoD MW2 Because L4D2 is WAY too repetitive and you may get bored fast While CoD is Action packed and Great online. Spec Ops is another great thing in MW2.

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cod mw2 is better for xbox360 because you just push bottons not like on PC you have to move the mouse and do lots of things.but if you are use to the letters of your PC you could buy it for PC.

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Do they have COD MW2 for Playstation 2?

No, there will never be COD MW2 for PS2. Only for PS3, XBOX360 and a PC.

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yes but only if you have 9600 gs geforce vid card or better

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