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I'd say it's more of a boys' game, just because guys are stereotyped as gamers more than girls are. But overall the theme is unisexual.

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Q: Is sonic a girls game or a boys games?
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Is Sonic X for boys only?

Games are genderless. Though it may have some material suitable more for girls / boys, does not mean that the game is only playable for one type of sex.Boys and girls can play any game.So, in the end, Sonic X is for both boys and girls. ----

What game for both boys and girls game start with p?

Pictionary is a game for both boys and girls. Parcheesi is a game for both boys and girls.

Why girls cannot play the games boys play?

because they are ladies i think they havnot interest in boys game

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Is Metroid a boys game?

it could be a boys or a girls game but is more of a guys game

Is sims 2 a girls game?

No its not just a girls game! They have boys on there also!!

What video game starts with s?

Simpsons Game, sonic unleashed, other sonic games

Is Sonic x a game?

No, it is a TV show based on the Sonic games.

What is the next Sonic the Fighters game?

There are no more Sonic the Fighters games.