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No,Sonic the Hedgehog was Mephiles' only game,and Silver has only been in 4 Games,'Sonic the Hedgehog','Sonic Rivals','Sonic Rivals 2',and,' Sonic and the Black Knight'.actually 5 games if you count Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games hes in that game too

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Q: Are silver the hedgehog and mephiles the dark really in any of the sonic x episodes?
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Is Sonic REALLY a hedgehog?

Yes he is, Well he is animorphic . Shadow is also a hedgehog, Amy is too And Silver!!! but not Mephiles...

Will Silver the hedgehog be in Mario and Sonic at the winter Olympics?

yes along with mephiles and metal sonic

You have silver the hedgehog sadx hack?

yes i do, i also have super silver (beta) mephiles etc, all look exacly like they should, no amateurism

Who is silver from Sonic the Hedgehog?

ok. Silver is the white hedgehog who thought at first sonic was the iblis trigger and Mephiles told him to kill Sonic. But when silver got his butt handed to shadow they became allies and shadow told him that Sonic was good. Silver also has telekenisis powers.

What are all the names of all the hedgehogs from sonic?

There is Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Silver, and Mephiles the Dark, who is actually a dark spirit in the form of a hedgehog.

When does sonic fight silver?

Sonic fought Silver in the game called Sonic The Hedgehog(2006).It is because when Mephiles conveinced Silver into killing Sonic.They fight after the player completes the Dusty Desert level.

Does silver the hedgehog have a nickname?

not really

Does Mephiles appear in Sonic X?

no mephiles isn't a sonic x character and he never will.he is a villain that was only in sonic 06 and that's the only game he will ever be in

Is there an episodes for silver the hedgehog?

no silver is not i saw all the episodes dont truse thoes fake things on youtube some might be wallpapers from other episodes and if u dont truse me look at all the episodes

How sonic meet silver silver meets shadow?

i don't really know how Sonic met Silver but Silver met Shadow by thinking he is Mephiles The Dark so they had a fight... and Shadow won... GET IT?

When was silver the hedgehog born?

Silver lives about 200 years into the distant future. In Sonic the Hedgehog 06, he made his debut. His future was destroyed by Iblis, a fiery monster that has the power to destroy Soleanna. Anyway, Silver and his friend Blaze try for many years to vanquish Iblis and save the future. But Iblis is immortal, so he cannot be defeated. Mephiles tricks Silver into defeating a blue hedgehog that Mephiles says is the person responsible. Silver is sent to 200 years in the past to defeat the blue hedgehog. Play the rest of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 to find out what happens next. Silver has also made some appearances in other games such as Sonic Rivals. Silver is a time traveling hero!

Is Silver the Hedgehog good or evil?

He is a good guy. he tries to kill sonic for his future, but think: wouldn't you kill anyone to save millions? He is a good guy. Mephiles tricked him into thinking Sonic is a villain.