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Yes, there are Sonic games after Sonic Unleashed. At the time of writing, the latest will be Sonic Generations.

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Q: Will their be a sonic game after sonic unleashed?
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Does shadow appear in sonic unleashed?

No! Shadow Does Not Appear In The Game ''Sonic Unleashed''.

Is sonic unleashed an old sonic game?

Not really, Sonic Unleashed was on xbox 360, wii, and some other consoles. An old sonic would be on a cartridge but Sonic Unleashed was on a disc, so it's not that old. 2008 was when it came out, but no Sonic Unleashed is not an old sonic game.

Which game is really better Sonic and the black knight or Sonic Unleashed?

Sonic and the black knight that game is so much cooler than Sonic Unleashed. I mean is Knuckles in Sonic Unleashed? No. Is Shadow in Sonic Unleashed?No. Plus there playable too on Sonic and the black knight.And is Sonic Unleashed multiplayer?.N-O. But Sonic and the black Knight.

Do you keep your upgrades when you start a new game in sonic unleashed?

You don't get upgrades in Sonic unleashed

Your sonic unleashed CD is written on it sonic unleashed 7 is that different than the real sonic unleashed?

Never heard of Sonic Unleashed 7 play the game and if the first stage is Apotos then its the same I guess.

Sonic unleashed or Sonic the Hedgehog 06?

sonic unleashed

Is Sega going to make a sonic unleashed 2?

No Sonic Unleashed was a one time game that will not have a sequel.

How old is sonic in sonic unleashed?

In every Sonic game Sonic is about 15 years old.

What game other than Sonic unleashed has Sonic the werehog?


Where can you play sonic unlesehd game maker?

This should be in sonic unleashed.

How do you get Silver in Sonic Unleashed?

You can't, he is not in this game

What video game starts with s?

Simpsons Game, sonic unleashed, other sonic games