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Pictionary is a game for both boys and girls. Parcheesi is a game for both boys and girls.

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Q: What game for both boys and girls game start with p?
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Is Poptropica for boys?

Poptropica is a great game for both boys AND girls.

What is the nature of the game soccer football?

It is for both boys and girls, male and female

Is Nintendogs A game for boys?

Nintendogs is a game that is not created for one gender. Boys and girls both can play it, yet it is commonly seen in girls. There is no girl or boy separation, each can play.

Is Animal Crossing for girls only?

No, animal crossing is for kids of all genders, both boys and girls. A the beginning of the game, you will be asked whether you are a boy or a girl, so it is for boys and girls.

What are the virtual worlds for kids?

There is Webkinz, or Build A Bearville. Both of which you have to buy an animal to play the full game. Most of both of these online animals come with plush toys that have a code. Both start around $20. Or for free there is, Which is a girls online free game. As for boys there is Both are free. I hope this helped. If it didn't, just google virtual worlds for boys/girls.

What is the best computer game for a girl?

movie star planet is the top rated computer game for both boys and girls

What is a free game like stardoll? (girls & boys) (girls) (girls) (girls & boys) (girls & boys) (girls & boys) (girls & boys) (girls & boys) (girls) (girls)

Is Metroid a boys game?

it could be a boys or a girls game but is more of a guys game

Is sims 2 a girls game?

No its not just a girls game! They have boys on there also!!

What Is a game like stardoll for boys?

Star doll is actually a really cool coed virtual world. boys are allowed they have nice clothes for boys and some games for boys other then that the rest is for girls but if you ask me i would recommend Star doll for both girls and BOYS.

Is the game fashion fantasy game for boys or girls?

To be honest, I think it's for everyone. Fashion is for everyone. So yes it is for boys and girls :]

Was basketball was introduced in many nation by the boys and girls club?

yes it was introduced by the boys and girls club because it is unisex game girls and boys can play it. eventhough it is mostly for boys ,girls can play it to.