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Mo'Creatures don't need McPatcher, but minecraft HD does. McPatcher is actually easier to install mods and HD texture packs so "yes" to your question.

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Q: Is mocreachers for minecraft HD and requirs mcpacher?
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Can you download Minecraft in HD?

No but you can get HD texture packs with the help of a patcher.

Can you download Minecraft on nook HD?

In order to get the Android version of Minecraft on a Nook HD, you will need to root it. That will allow you to install Google Play Store, which will be able to download and install Minecraft.

How do you make an HD texture pack in minecraft not lag?

Currently HD texture packs are not supported my Minecraft, and therefore are bound to lag. Having a powerful computer may prevent lag from occurring due to an HD pack, but not always. To fix lag due to HD packs try making sure the only program you are running on your computer is Minecraft as HD textures tend to make Minecraft require a lot more RAM.

What is a good Minecraft texture pack for kids. I get scared of a lot of things in Minecraft.?

minecraft kidkraft -hope you don't get scared of this Have to have HD texture pack fix

Can you play mutiplayer minecraft on one console?

Get an HD Tv and make sure your X-Box 360 is plugged into the HD outlets behind the Tv.

Will the nook HD ever get minecraft?

Possibly, but plans for that have never been officially announced.

Is there a Minecraft mod that will install any mod?

MCPatcher, a tool that patches Minecraft, can install any mod. Search it up on the Minecraft Forums. It's also known as HD Texture Fix (because it fixes HD textures).

What are the objects you need to do two player split screen in minecraft for xbox?

To do split screen in the Xbox360 edition, minecraft mandates that the user has an HD tv.

How do you play multiplayer in minecraft xbox I have an HD TV and bought the game so how?

you have to have the hdmi cable

What song is in this youtube video Minecraft Epic Skyrim Project 250000 blocks HD?


How do you set up splitscreen on minecraft xbox 360?

You need a HD TV, a HDMI cable and you need to set your Xbox to at least 720p. Then go on Minecraft and sign in with the second player. No HD Tv= no splitscreen, no idea why but it just is.

Do you have to have a hd tv to play minecraft split screen?

If you are referring to Minecraft for the Xbox, then yes, you need to have a HD TV to allow splitscreen.