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If you want some cheats just go onto Google and type in "acww(or any Animal Crossing game) ar codes" and it will have like millionz and plz rate me

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2010-05-20 10:05:42
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Q: Know any good sites for Action Replay DS ACWW codes?
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Do you need action replay on acww?

You don't need action replay to play the game its just this cheat thing you can have on it. I have Animal Crossing : Wild World but i don't have action replay and action replay just lets you access cheats and codes and things like that. I hope this helps x

Acww how to use action replay?

i dont know why dont you low lifes get a girlfriend

ACWW where do you get action replay from?

You can buy it from GAME or Argos or on Ebay or Amazon or somewhere like that.

How do you get rid of weeds in seconds on acww?

You would need to use an Action Replay code.

How do you deseed a rock in front of your house on ACWW?

There Is No Deseeding Codes.. But If You Have Your Own Action Replay Then You Can Do It.. You Gotta Download AnimalMap 08 Then Find The Spot That Its At And Put A Weed There.. Then Pluck The Weed..

How do you enter ACWW hex codes?

u need action replay. then go 2 tom nook. then say, "other things", then "codes". enter a hex code and voila. i really couldn't care less. haha.

What does 'deseed a rock' mean in ACWW?

It means to remove the rock from your town. This is often by using Action Replay.

What if you used an action replay to get nook points on acww?

you may not be able to use your catalogue if you use that cheat! :(

Is there an action replay animal crossing wild world code that lets you jump?

There Is No Code That Makes You Jump On Acww..

How do you remove or delete rocks in acww?

You can't remove them from Animal Crossing: Wild World without an Action Replay.

How do you get more rocks on ACWW?

The only way you can get more rocks is if you have Action Replay and then you can get rock "seeds" and put them wherever you want.

How do you get Animal Crossing to work with your ar?

I personally don't know because I don't have action replay, but some of the codes are pretty cool. There are codes you can use to customize your character. I guess you just open up the action replay menu, type in the code, and i guess it just recognizes the code... or, put the acww game in the ar, and then type in the code. (note: this is also the menu where you choose which codes to turn off and on too.)

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